I pass over these towns so quickly

Examining the beauty they have to offer

So much is happening yet from my vantage point it is at peace

All I see is the expanses of trees surrounding these little towns

The small dots that are the buildings

That smog that hangs over the sunset

And the clouds that gift shade

I sit in this bus running over paved ground

Ground from which was once soil

Soil which was once at peace

Our tendencies as humans are to disrupt peace

We have to be moving


Rearranging nature to fit our expectations

Molding nations to fit our ideals

Genetically modifying our fruits so they are easier to peel

We can never be satisfied

This isn’t some new thought

Or a break through in how many view society

It’s something we have come to expect

It’s for convenience

We all love the beautiful mountains that reach for the sky

The very symbols of dreams and challenges

Yet we have no problem gutting them for a road

A road to turn a resting giant into a hollow machine

A machine created by a machine

It seems we are more robotic than those cars we drive

We take what is alive and exploit it until it fits our needs

Our needs


It poisons men’s souls

Who in turn poison all that they touch

With the stroke of a hand a man can destroy acres of land

With the pull of a lever a man can erase a village

In this current society it’s hard to tell who’s the villain.


Here I am again

Passing by the street lights lining the highway

Lighting the way

Lightening on the horizon

The future constantly surprising

The past constantly lying

And I am content lying down next to you

Except your head isn’t on my shoulder

My heads barely on mine

I’m trying to unwind but I’m getting turned around

I’m waiting for your sound

For your feeling

Yet I can only remember your touch

Memories brush left and right

You left and I’m right here

Through pictures you’re so near but in time

In time you’ll be a round

Not just for a round

For a while

Not for a dial of a pay phone

Time will be a feast

Comprised of hours that we can devour

The pleasantries of your company

I wish you were here to accompany me

It’s 11:32

I wish I was here with you


Picnic and Peoples

Today was a lovely day for picnics and fun. We had lunch and drinks in Yoyogi Park and then went to an amazing venue for the night. The Sakura trees had not blossomed yet but the park still offered a great time full of cheers and new friends.

Back in Tokyo

The other day we arrived back in Tokyo after taking a three hour train ride from Morioka. We spent our day exploring around Asakusa and visiting the Sky Tree. The area around the Sky Tree is a beautiful urban area. There’s a wonderful mall built around the huge tower and a nice river with colorful fountains parallel to the mall. Again it’s very late and we are about to explore Shibuya so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.