Here I am again

Passing by the street lights lining the highway

Lighting the way

Lightening on the horizon

The future constantly surprising

The past constantly lying

And I am content lying down next to you

Except your head isn’t on my shoulder

My heads barely on mine

I’m trying to unwind but I’m getting turned around

I’m waiting for your sound

For your feeling

Yet I can only remember your touch

Memories brush left and right

You left and I’m right here

Through pictures you’re so near but in time

In time you’ll be a round

Not just for a round

For a while

Not for a dial of a pay phone

Time will be a feast

Comprised of hours that we can devour

The pleasantries of your company

I wish you were here to accompany me

It’s 11:32

I wish I was here with you


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My name is Burton Craig, I am a skateboarder who is trying to pursue a career in film. I dabble in photography and poetry and would love any feedback anyone has to offer.

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