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Today I had the pleasure of visiting Iwate. My cousin, Joe, teaches English in this province and brought my friend Andres and I to class with him today. I watched how he taught these young students English. I also saw how different the Japanese school system is. Their cafeteria is amazing, the students prepare, serve, and clean their entire lunch. It is phenomenal to see such talented pre-schoolers as well as the food they are being served. Unlike most schools in America these Japanese schools make their food from scratch. You see little to no fat in the dishes. They are all served in portions to provide optimal nutritional value for the children. All in all today was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I was able to help these pre-schoolers learn a small amount of English as well as learning about their school system.

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My name is Burton Craig, I am a skateboarder who is trying to pursue a career in film. I dabble in photography and poetry and would love any feedback anyone has to offer.

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