Moroika Adventures

Today my cousin’s friend, Hiro, showed us around Moroika. We saw some of the old buildings left in this town. The architecture is stunning and the cleanliness of the city blew my mind. The people were so nice and even offered us free souvenirs. I am truly in awe of how polite everyone has been to my friend and I throughout our journey in Japan. I don’t want to do too much reflection as it is very late, but I hope my pictures speak for the town and my adventure by themselves.

Travels Up North

Today I had the pleasure of visiting Iwate. My cousin, Joe, teaches English in this province and brought my friend Andres and I to class with him today. I watched how he taught these young students English. I also saw how different the Japanese school system is. Their cafeteria is amazing, the students prepare, serve, and clean their entire lunch. It is phenomenal to see such talented pre-schoolers as well as the food they are being served. Unlike most schools in America these Japanese schools make their food from scratch. You see little to no fat in the dishes. They are all served in portions to provide optimal nutritional value for the children. All in all today was an amazing experience and I’m so glad I was able to help these pre-schoolers learn a small amount of English as well as learning about their school system.

Looking Back Through Thailand

A couple of pictures from my recent trip to Thailand. I had a wonderful time exploring Bangkok and Koh Phangan. This trip allowed me to see some of the more tourist-y areas along with some of the ghettos and slums. The way of life in Thailand is very simple and fast paced. It is ridiculously warm and the humidity can be unbearable, but as long as you dress appropriately you should be able to see all Thailand has to offer without being drenched in sweat. Unless you want to visit a temple, then you should probably wear pants. Michelle learned that the hard way.

Summer Filming

Lately I have had the pleasure to film with some of the best skaters I know. (Steven DeSilva, Abel Haile, Angel Ortega, Eduardo Salinas, Alex Moran, Alex Angulo, Bobby Collins, and etc.) This summer has allowed me to explore places I’d never thought I’d go. From road trips up to Oregon to camping at Big Sur, my friends and I have seen and skated more than I could have ever planned to. I want to share my great experiences with everyone so I am putting together a Summer Video that will be up by the end of September. I hope you guys enjoy the final product because I have labored at this project all summer and put many hours into filming my friends. Thank you to my friends for patiently waiting on this video, and to anyone who is new to my videos and wants to get a taste for my style, check out my youtube channel by clicking here. Thanks for all the support and hope to share more with everyone later.

What To Expect

Hello my name is Cecil Burton Craig IV and I am staying with my family in Spain for a year. I will be studying at a local university as well as making a documentary on the idea of exploration. This documentary will be with people I meet on my travels and the friends I make while abroad. My documentary will encompass all that there is to do with exploration, be it spiritually, physically, or emotionally. On my blog you can expect to see some artistic scenery, poetry, skate videos, and possibly a v-log or two. Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy my journey as it is presented to you.