Summer Filming

Lately I have had the pleasure to film with some of the best skaters I know. (Steven DeSilva, Abel Haile, Angel Ortega, Eduardo Salinas, Alex Moran, Alex Angulo, Bobby Collins, and etc.) This summer has allowed me to explore places I’d never thought I’d go. From road trips up to Oregon to camping at Big Sur, my friends and I have seen and skated more than I could have ever planned to. I want to share my great experiences with everyone so I am putting together a Summer Video that will be up by the end of September. I hope you guys enjoy the final product because I have labored at this project all summer and put many hours into filming my friends. Thank you to my friends for patiently waiting on this video, and to anyone who is new to my videos and wants to get a taste for my style, check out my youtube channel by clicking here. Thanks for all the support and hope to share more with everyone later.